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Molecular sieves

Due to the special, complex properties of zeolites, molecular sieves containing zeolite, often simply referred to as molecular sieves (MS), are used to separate (“sieve”) mixtures of substances in so-called adsorption processes – in the simplest case to remove water from air or other media (see also desiccants in the field of polyurethane processing above). However, such processes usually require the use of shaped zeolite material (spheres, cylinders, honeycombs, …). For this purpose, the original zeolite powders are converted into the desired shaped bodies using suitable (possibly temporary) binders:

  • ZAP-4A
  • ZP-4A-LD
  • ZP-4A-HD
  • ZAG-3A
  • ZAG-4A
  • ZAG-13X
  • other zeolite products for molecular sieves on request