NADIS Sodiumdisilicates

Sodiumdisilicates control the pH value of the washing water. They facilitate a slight swelling of the fibers and thereby increase the washing power of the detergent. They also help to maintain the distribution of the dirt partic¬les in the washing liquid and bind the dissolved iron, which in turn reduces yellowing of the fabric. Furthermore, Sodiumdisili¬cates protect the washing machine from corrosion.
Because of it low bulk density, NADIS™ 100G is also used to adjust the bulk density of the detergent.
NADIS™ 20D is an integrated manufactured Sodiumdisilicate compound with a non-ionic surfactant. It allows a simpler dry-blending production, because it already contains one crucial component.
Over and above a certain minimum quantity, Silkem can produce any compound, if technically possible, ac­cording customers’ requirements.






white powder

white powder

Na 2O

25 - 28%


SiO 2

53 – 58 %


Module (ratio SiO2 : Na2O)

2.0 – 2.2


Alkyl benzene sulfonate


20 ± 2.0 %

Sodiumdisilicate M=2


80 ± 2.0 %

Loss at ignition, 1hr at 700OC

16 ± 3 %


Bulk density

80 – 130 g/L

220 ± 50 g/L

Particle size, average

700 ± 100 μ

600 ± 100 μ


Paper bags, on pallets


12.5 kg/bag, 375 kg/pallet

Big bags

140 kg/big bag

400 kg/big bag

Additional packaging possibilities on request

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