CMS-L™ liquid Anti-redeposition agent

CMS-L™ liquid is an anionic anti-redeposition agent based on chemically modified natural starch. It is used in the detergent industry, and also for the manufacture of paper and ceramics. When used in detergents, it suspends the dirt particles in the washing water, thereby preventing the dirt particles to redeposit onto the fibers.
CMS-L™ liquid replaces the traditional us of CMC in a very cost efficient way. It shows its strength particularly in spay-drying whilst at the same time retaining its anti-redeposition characteristics in the finished product.
CMS-L™ liquid is very efficient due to its liquid form, and because of its special chemical structure.
High cost savings are the result of the outstanding high dispersion characteristics.
Classified as non-dangerous substance, it is easy to handle during transportation, storage, and utilization.

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Chemical name Carbohydrate carboxymethyl sodium salt
Appearance transparent liquid
Character anionic
Color white to slightly yellowish
Odor characteristic
Active matter, 2 hrs at 105OC 33 – 36 %
pH, 1 % solution 8 – 11.5
Viscosity, 20OC, Sp=4, R=30 1’000 – 3’000 mP .s Brookfield
Density 1’200 ± 50 g/L
Molecular mass 8’000 – 14’000
Substitution grade 0.75 – 0.85
Miscibility with water 100%
Bio-degradability > 90 %


Plastic drums, on pallets

190 kg/drum


1’200 kg/IBC

Road tank trucks 23'000 kg

Additional packaging possibilities on request

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